Sunday, July 12, 2009

When the kids are away the parents will play...

As most of you already know the kids spent 10 days in Michigan with their Grandparents. While they were gone Joel and I had a nice relaxing vacation filled with dinners out, long walks, late nights talking and watching movies...If I knew how to make a screeching sound with words I would insert that sound here and then rewind the last paragraph to the part that say, "While they were gone..." Well while they were gone we worked out butts off redoing their rooms. We emptied everything out, painted the walls and the trim, floored both rooms, ordered furniture and decorated. It was a crazy week and one I hope to never repeat when my children are away. Even Joel looked at me, the man that is a workaholic, and said, "this feels like work." Here are the finished products. We didn't finish hanging Josh's stuff on the walls because we wanted his input so we will finish that this week.
His bunk bed and stairs that go to the top. Lizards are on his quilt. The bottom part is like a little club house and he has decided to put his no girls sign there!
On the left bottom side is his Lego city. You can barely see it, but he was happy to see it still in his room.
Josh was completely shocked and we sudden became the best parents in the world. They had no idea we were doing this. We had them pick out the furniture, but they had no idea that it would be there when they got home.
I have to say I love her room. The pictures on both rooms don't do them justice. I love her colors.
She starting running around the room like a nut!
Those that know Belle know she either will love it or not notice it. She walked in and said, "What the heck!" (Which I absolutely hate) Where is the green stuff. I thought to my self the money is all at the store:) (She meant the sage green paint she used to have) She was all kisses and loved her room. She loves the color lellow!(no that isn't a typo)
They are happy to be home, but had a ton of fun and were filled with lots of stories. Belle's favorite part of her trip...going to Target and buying the dog a treat. (She is crazy) Josh loved the airplane museum that he went with Grandpa and Uncle Todd. Joel and I enjoyed or time alone. Next year we'd like to do something fun, but we both have a feeling that we will be working on our new house. We get our preliminary drawings in about 10 days. Cant wait!

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